With our unique growing techniques and extreme care for our plants, you are guaranteed to walk out with something you will enjoy. we reach a wider spectrum of needs than your ordinary Medical Marijuana Center. The Hemp Center is handicapped accessible.

Joint ups offers high quality product, knowledgeable staff, private parking, and a comfortable atmosphere that welcomes all types of patients. Our other passion is holistic health and the plethora of uses for Hemp. We offer vitamins, supplements, holistic health treatments, hemp purses and other textiles, body care products, storage containers, delivery devices and much more!!

Our educated and friendly staff strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere. By offering a wide of products and treatment options  Our dispensary section provides Top Shelf Cannabis, wide variety of edibles and topical solutions. 

JOINT UPS Dispensary  is a medical cannabis business located in Portland Oregon. For 4 years now,Herbal Corner Dispensary has provided quality medicine for all Colorado,USA,CANADA,EUROPE,AUSTRALIA AND ASIA Medical Marijuana patients and continues to improve. Flower, Concentrate, Edibles, Drinks, Tinctures, Salves, Transdermal patches, CBD Oil, we have many different alternative solutions to provide quality medicine for all  Medical Marijuana patients. you will see not only a wide variety of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid naturally grown weed, but also a huge selection of the best selling edibles, wax, high quality oils, drinks and tinctures. Our highly trained bud tenders are pleased to answer questions about all of our products, what to expect from the varying options, and . . . how to safety begin consuming marijuana products.
Regardless of the inherent praise or scorn often lobbed at the marijuana industry, one thing neither side can deny is the remarkable power that cannabis has to bring people together from all different walks of life. Where else do you see dreadlock toting hippies and clean cut white collar retirees smiling, laughing, and exchanging stories? Is there any other forum when you think of where clean cut, young college students sit and share a joke with the most grizzled urbanites around? Many have labeled marijuana as “the gateway drug,” a term that is accurate, not in the sense that it will lead to use of heavy drugs, but in the sense that it’s a gateway to bringing together people from many different walks of life. , simply soaked in modern personality yet ready to cater to a wide variety of clients. JOINT UPS Dispensary is a shrine, an homage to the melding of worlds where rap mixes with reggae and touch screens with budtenders. If you’ve been stuck in a loop, buying your cannabis from a sterile, white walled box, break away from the boring and check out JOINT UPS Dispensary for your medicinal and recreational cannabis needs.